Supporting LouisiANIME

If you love the quality programming and community that you enjoy at LouisiANIME every year, then there are ways that you can support us and help us be better together. The simplest and easiest ways are to both attend the convention and stay in a room at the convention hotel using our discount code, but there are many other ways you can help us:

Spread the Word

  • Let your friend and faily know about LouisiANIME and encourage them to attend and enjoy the event with you.
  • Print out our flyers and share them with local businesses and communities that you are a part of (remember to share responsibly and make sure they're okay with you promoting!):
  • Like, comment on, and share our social media posts and announcements:


Every year we count on volunteers to help keep the show running well, organized, and safely. We are always looking for volunteers and staff to help improve the experience:


Host Programming

If there's programming that you'd like to see at LouisiANIME, then help make it happen! We're always on the look out for great panelists to share their love of anime and anime culture with our community:

Programming Application