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Hello Batty (Kat Loo) is a YouTuber and J-Fashion enthusiast from Phoenix, Arizona. With a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising she originally planned to launch her own label upon graduating but found her passion for vlogging and event planning overshadowed that dream. Her YouTube channel has a loyal following just a few hundred shy of 60k where she shares videos about her travels, fashion inspiration, and kawaii lifestyle.

She has been an active participant and trendsetter in the Lolita fashion community for over a decade and has traveled the world to attend J-Fashion events both as a special guest and event planner. One of her biggest passions in life are Maid Cafes and the moe (pronounced mow eh) culture that surrounds them. For 8 years she ran her own Maid Cafe, At Your Service Cafe, traveling and performing for more than 6 conventions a year in their prime. Currently she has slowed down on social media and events a bit to focus on several secret but amazing projects launching soon.

Currently she is relocating to Los Angeles with her husband and two cat’s to peruse new adventures and lots of trips to Disneyland. Follow her adventure on YouTube and Instagram @hellobatty.

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