Kate “TunaSpleen” SgourosCosplay Guest

Kate “TunaSpleen” Sgouros originally hails from rural Missouri, where she made and flaunted cardboard-and-felt ‘costumes’ to childhood friends and classmates long before learning about the existence of conventions. She didn’t start making cosplays in a modern sense until roughly 2013, after graduating from college. Kate started her cosplay journey making props and EVA foam armor, but has since expanded to 3D modeling/printing and some sewing. Now, she’s a rising craftsmanship competitor with major awards from Fifocon, Mechacon, and CONtraflow as well as smaller events across the region.

Kate lives in Metairie with her husband and two chinchillas while working on her Ph.D in biology at Tulane University. When she’s not working on costumes, she researches the genetics of freshwater fish and teaches Biology 101.

Kate “TunaSpleen” Sgouros Profile Picture


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