Erin WarnerProgramming Guest

Bayou Cirque has brought 4 flow performers to kick off our cosplay show. They will be performing with Hoop and poi as they show off the skills of firebending and waterbending.

From Brooke:

Hello there! I’m Erin Warner and my main goal in life is to make people smile!

I’ve been a flow artist for the past three years, with a ton of love, passion, and dedication. Flow has humbly brought me a new found sense of confidence that I am delighted to share with the rest of the world. Teaching flow arts to others has become a passion of mine due to the fact that I love helping people find their own form of confidence through their own dance. If what I am saying resonates with you, find me on Instagram and send me a message! Let’s connect, learn, and play! @erinnnsoflow

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