Alex GabelProgramming Guest

Bayou Cirque has brought 4 flow performers to kick off our cosplay show. They will be performing with Hoop and poi as they show off the skills of firebending and waterbending.

From Alex:

My name is Alex Gabel I am 15 and I am a fire juggler for Bayou Cirque. I am a student at lee high school I am set up to be the captain of the robotics team next year. I have been with Bayou Cirque since the day it started. If 2 years ago you told me I would be in the circus I would’ve called you a liar. I have been training with flow props for about a year and been doing them on fire for about half of that I have been juggling for around 4-5 months and been fire juggling for 1-2 months. One of the things I tell people often is, “Your parents may have told you not to play with fire well, mine forgot one day.” I like to think that you are never done training with a prop there is always something you can do better and you are never the best when you think you are the best someone shows up better. I train everyday I juggle at school, at home, at work, just about every where I am never without a prop.

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