We are happy to announce that we have fully opened panel submissions at this time!  If you’re interested in running a panel at LouisiANIME we are very excited to hear from you and would like to talk to you! Download our  panelist summsion form, fill it out, and them mail it to us at

Con Stories (18+)

Anyone that’s been to a convention before has a story or two to tell. They might be good, they might be not so good but they are all entertaining. Bring a story of your own, and if you don’t have one listen in on a con veteran’s many tales.

Cosplay 101
Do you want to cosplay? Here are the beginning steps if you are a complete novice to sewing/wig work and props. Anyone can cosplay and this panel will teach you the basics.

Cosplay Horror Stories (18+)
Sometimes cosplayers do some pretty stupid things all in the name of costuming. In this possibly informative panel a group of veteran cosplayers will regale you with tales of horror, from glue burns to blood, it’s not a finished costume until someone gets hurt. Feel free to bring your own stories as well as we all kick back and remember how dumb we were that one time.

DIY Steampunk Modification and Building

The crew of the Airship Isabella will pull out her pretties and baubles and show you how they were made!  This panel will cover from basic steampunk modification techniques to scratch-built construction of armor, weapons, costumes and gadgets.  Learn tips, tricks, shortcuts and methods to build you own set of steampunk necessities you know that you can’t live without!

Game Show Auditions

A mandatory, closed-door audition to participate in our main event, the Game Show! Contestants will be interviewed, challenged, and lucky ones will be chosen to go on stage to compete!

Go Board Game Training
Come and learn how to play the board game Go.  This Chinese game is over 2,500 years old, but is still popular enough to be featured in several anime series, such as Hikari No Go.  Come and learn how to play during this session, and decide if you’re good enough to enter the tournament.

How to Spot Bootleg Merchandise

Does that Kenshin box set you just found online looks too good to be true? Is there a character you’ve never seen on your Evangelion DVD? Anime fans are ripped off every day by less than savory resellers, because in many cases they can’t tell the difference. In this panel we’ll tell you some easy steps you can follow, to ensure you are getting quality anime merchandise.

Intro to Pose Off
Ever wanted to enter our popular Pose Off event, but felt a little intimidated?  This panel is for you.  Instead of getting up on stage, expert posers will walk you through what makes a good pose, and what doesn’t, as well as show you several examples of poses to pull from for the competition.  No prizes, no contests, just good old posing.

Let’s Go To Japan

Want to go to Japan but not sure what to bring? Get advice on how to prepare and what to do when you’re there from someone who’s visited just recently.

Live Action Rollplaying
This panel reviews the various forms of Live Action Role Playing commonly known as LARP. This includes traditional role playing games as well as convention cosplay and boffa weapon style role playing. The safe practices and proper planning of such is a central topic with a focus on educating new enthusiasts as to how to participate in and plan such activities for maximum enjoyment.

Origami Workshop

Anything is possible with paper and patience, come learn a few and open the door to endless possibilities.


This is one of our workshops included in the basic membership registration.  Attendees will learn about the art of papercraft, and get a chance to make some paper sculptures themselves.  There will be cutting and glue, and fun of course.  A great workshop for our younger crowd, or anyone who loves being creative.

Pattern Construction Workshop
Join Captain Cedric Whittaker in a step by step workshop on how to make your own patterns for leather work.  We will cover basic construction concepts, sizing, stylizing tips, and symmetry.  Then join us for the leather workshop and make your pattern!

Show off your best moves, and pit them against other posers! Be it a Kamen Rider pose, a Street Fighter pose, or a magical girl transformation, the best of the best will be rewarded with praise (and candy!)

Steampunk 101

The crew of the Airship Isabella will be hosting a panel and round table discussion on the often contested topic, What is Steampunk?  The panel will cover the origins of steampunk, types and styles of steampunk, and the philosophical underpinnings of the steampunk movement.  Audience participation will be actively encouraged.

Steampunk 102
So You Want To Be An Airship Captain? – Forming and running a steampunk group/artist collective.

Join Captain Cedric Whittaker of the Airship Isabella in a panel discussing the ins and outs of forming an airship crew.  The discussion will cover reasons to form a group, the principles of artist collectives, basic character development and rank structures.

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