Game Room

LouisiANIME has a space devoted to Gaming.

The Video Game Room will have several current and previous generation console systems set up in a variety of ways.  Some will be on monitors, some will be on projectors.

The Video Game Room will run during general convention hours, and shut down at midnight on both Friday and Saturday night.

To have access to the games, as well as to play the tournaments, individuals must be an attending member of LouisiANIME and present their badge as identification.

Tournament entree fees vary by tournament (from none to five dollars) due to the fact that tournaments’ prizes vary between sponsored gifts and cash prizes.  LouisiANIME itself does not collect any of the funds for ourselves in order to ensure the maximum value can be provided to the winners.

Card games and tabletop games are also enjoyed at LouisiANIME, though their schedule and tournament listings cannot be listed until much closer to the event.  As with the Video Game Room, all participants must be attendees.

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