Guests & Programming

Meet voice actors and other industry guests.

At Louisianime we work hard to make sure you have the opportunity to meet amazing voice actors. Come visit, learn and get autographs from the voice actors who bring to life some of your favorite characters! In the past we have had the pleasure of hosting guests such as Todd Haberkorn, Josh Grelle, Tiffany Grant, and Greg Ayres just to name a few.

Cosplay is a big part of the conventions today and we love watching it grow! Every year we invite talented and inspiring veteran cosplayers who give tips and insight into their outstanding craftsmanship and costume design. Come learn some great tricks of the trade and ways to improve your skill!

Announcing Robbie Daymond

    LouisiANIME Baton Rouge is proud to welcome the talented Robbie Daymond! Robbie Daymond is a Native-American Voice Artist, ...Read More

Our Programming

In addition to having amazing and talented guests, LouisiANIME has a wide variety of programming for all ages. We have unique programming provided every year by volunteer staff as well as regular programming events that we provide directly and through direct partnerships with talented featured panelists to cater to a variety of fandoms, in addition to the amazing content produced by volunteers every year.

Check out some of the programming we bring to you every year:

Have an awesome cosplay that you want to show off on stage? Have the desire to prove your skills while pitted against your peers? Want to watch others do just that? Then the cosplay contest is for you. Contestants show off the cosplays they’ve made on stage for the audience, in hopes of taking home that coveted best in show award.

We’re back again with our (in)famous Game Show, where attendees are chosen to compete against each other on stage in front of their friends and family! The tasks will be ridiculous, and the dialogue will be hilarious. The winner takes home a prize, and the losers take home their disappointment… and consolation prizes. Contestants face off in several elimination rounds until the final round, an amazing obstacle course that runs throughout the room!

A recurring event is our popular Zombie Tag. A variety of game types allow players to use foam dart guns to fend off invading zombie hordes. Different game types include survival mode, last man standing, and rescue mode. There is also a tournament with a prize at the end.

Every year, for Friday and Saturday night, we take over the biggest room at the convention, turn the lights down, and crank the music up. Bring your LEDs and get ready to dance till morning at Club Pelican!


There's much more for you. Games, crafts, movies, Club Pelican, tea tasting, and origami are just a few of the things you'll get to do at LouisiANIME.

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Get huge discounts on Weekend membership!

A Weekend membership to LouisiANIME 2016 comes with full access to the entire convention for all 3 days, March 25-27th, 2016. Concerts, anime, tea, guest panels, games, and much more! Right now you can get our best price, the full Weekend membership at just $30. This offer will expire on August 1st!

Or go big... and get our best value pass at the best price it will be available for all year! For just $35 more, if you buy before August 1st. Check out all the advantages that come with Premium membership:

Weekend Membership Premium Membership
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Price: $35* $70**

*This price is only available till Nov 1st.
** The premium badge is a $35 upcharge to standard membership and will increase as the regular membership increases.

Get your membership while our best prices are available!

Ends Nov 1 Ends Feb 2 Door Price


Keep up with all our latest news.

Check back here regularly for news and announcements. We'll post here whenever anything special is happening so that you can keep up with everything we're up to. You can also read our archive for information from past convetions and previous guests.

Welcoming the wonderful cosplay guest Shark Baroness to LouisiANIME Baton Rouge in 2016!

Welcoming Shark Baroness to LouisiANIME

LouisiANIME is very proud to welcome cosplay guest Shark Baroness to our 2016 Baton Rouge event. Jillian (a.k.a. Shark Baroness) has been making and wearing costumes for 5 years and has created ...

Read More
Welcoming Cosplay Guest Mango Sirene to LouisiANIME Baton Rouge in 2016!

Welcoming Mango Sirene to LouisiANIME

LouisiANIME is very proud to welcome cosplay guest Mango Sirene to our 2016 Baton Rouge event. Nina (“Mango Sirene”) Stockman is a cosplayer and YouTube vlogger based in the Midwest United States...

Read More
Get ready to meet the incredibly talented and entertaining Robbie Daymond to LouisiANIME 2016 in Baton Rouge!

Announcing Robbie Daymond

LouisiANIME Baton Rouge is proud to welcome the talented Robbie Daymond! Robbie Daymond is a Native-American Voice Artist, Actor, and Performer based in Los Angeles. He works in traditional ani...

Read More
Check out these extra photos from the Cosplay Contest in Lafayate 2015! More photos of fantastic cosplay and fun.

2015 Cosplay Contest Gallery

More pictures from our 2015 Lafayette cosplay show! Tons of awesome crasftmanship and fun. Cosplay contest at LouisiANIME Lafayette 2015: Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3, Gallery 4, ...

Read More


If you'd like to view older posts, feel free to visit our full archive of LouisiANIME posts and blog articles.



We're BACK in Baton Rouge!

We've heard you ask for it and now we're doing it. Back in Baton Rouge! This March 25-27th we'll be at the Baton Rouge Marriott. Register now for just $99 a night and enjoy wired internet in guest rooms, WIFI in public areas, and free parking!

You can use the link above, or use the contact information below to reserve a room. Just ask for the LouisiANIME rate:

About Us

Behind the awesome production.

LouisiANIME started May 8-10 of 2009 at the Baton Rouge Marriott. We are best known for our family friendly atmosphere that still provides some adult fun later in the evening in addition to activity rich programming such as leatherworking, zombie tag, and tea tasting. LouisiANIME 2015 took place at the Ramada Lafayette Conference Center, a beautiful resort styled hotel with the most amazing and friendly staff. LouisiANIME was listed as one of the top 100 anime conventions in the United States by Cosplayful Magazine in 2015, and we work hard to ensure we provide a convention of the highest quality for you. Because by showing up every year, you make this possible, and it means a lot to us to be able to be here.

LouisiANIME Artist and Vendor Information. Check here for updates and information for our artist alley and dealers room, including how to purchase a booth and contact information.

Artist and Vendor Info

Artist Alley Please read both this product description and our terms of service carefully. An Artist Alley table at LouisiANIME comes with 1 table in the Artist Alley and one badge and w...

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LouisiANIME Terms of Service. A detailed enumeration of the rules and regulations you agree to in order to attend LouisiANIME as a vendor, artist, or attendee.

LouisiANIME Terms of Service

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By attending LouisiANIME you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. These terms and conditions are subject to change withou...

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LouisiANIME rules for conduct, weapons policy, and dress code. Help keep our con one of the friendliest there is.

Convention Rules

Dress Code Louisianime has a PG-13 dress code policy. Generally anything you wear on the convention floor needs to cover as much as modest swimwear. No bare feet No nudity No exp...

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Contact Us

We want to hear from you.

Please read both this product description and our terms of service carefully. An Artist Alley table at LouisiANIME comes with 1 table in the Artist Alley and one badge and will be hosted on the floor of the hotel. Up to 2 extra badges may be added for 35$ each for a total of 3 badges. If your form is incorrectly filled out, we will contact the email address on the form and continue to reserve your table for 48 hours for corrected information before releasing the reservation.

Upon successful form submission, LouisiANIME will send applicants a PayPal invoice and hold the table reservation for 7 days to allow for payment. After 7 days, if the invoice is unpaid the table reservation will be released. We have 18 tables that we are able to distribute for Artist Alley this year. We look forward to seeing you all in 2015!


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