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Louisianime June 13-15, 2014, Lafayette, Louisiana!


Photo courtesy Mike Boike

Welcome to LouisiANIME’s home on the web!  Here you can find out all sorts of valuable information about LouisiANIME.  We’ve just had a wonderful year and we have so much in the works for next year that we cannot wait to start making announcements! As usual you can check out the news page for all the latest updates.

Be sure to check us out on Facebook for a more personal response to your questions and comments, but you can comment directly onto news updates as well.

We want to thank all of our attendees for 2014 for the wonderful year we’ve had together and for taking the time to come out to Lafayette this year. On top of this we would like to also say a tremendous thank you to all of our guests from 2014 for their time and for being so wonderful. Thank you also to all of the contributors to our artist alley and steam punk alley participants, especially the Isabella’s and their amazing crew! In addition, it wouldn’t have been possible to throw this show without all of our wonderful volunteers and staff who make this show possible every year. In addition we would like to extend our deep and appreciative thanks to the dealer’s from LouisiANIME for all their contributions this year and provide you with the links to find their information:

 It was our great pleasure and honor to meet with all of you this year, and we cannot wait for all the exciting things 2015 will bring!

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